Arab Desert is a leading supplier of connectors to our clients. We partner with worldwide leaders in connector technology, such as Oil States, to supply the best connectors to our customers. If you need a full turnkey installation, including assembly, hammering, casing cutting, and installation of protection sleeves together with great service, get in contact with us today.

ConductorsKey FeaturesApplications
Merlin™ Connector
  • Extensively tested including pressure, bending, tension and fatigue.
  • Exceptional fatigue characteristics.
  • 100% dimensionally checked as standard.
  • Available in 8.625″ to 72″ for a variety of applications.
  • TLP tether connectors.
  • High-pressure drilling riser connections.
  • FLNG water uptake riser connections.
  • Casing and conductor applications.
  • High-pressure workover/completion riser connections.
Lynx™ Connector
  • Easy visual and dimensional proof of makeup.
  • Fast makeup/break out.
  • Drivable.
  • Remote release option available for mud-line applications.
  • No tooling or personnel required for makeup.
  • Conductor connections.
  • Casing connections.
  • Overshot or other LP riser connections.
  • Manual release conduit.
Leopard Connector
  • Makeup in less than 1 turn.
  • Integral anti-rotation.
  • Visual proof of makeup.
  • Reusable.
  • Extensive testing has been completed including fatigue, bending, tension and pressure on various sizes.
  • Conductor
  • Casing
Puma Connector
  • O.D/I.D. flush.
  • Double abutment faces reduce pile-driving loads through connector threads.
  • Handling is offered via elevator groove in connection box with removable load ring for standard side door elevators.
  • Visual indication of makeup.
  • Tested to ISO 13679.2 Cal1 with bending and pile testing.
  • Jack-up or platform exploration or production drilling.
  • Drilled and cemented or driven conductor.
  • New and asset integrity of sea water, fire water and other caisson applications.
Swift Connector
  • Gas-tight, metal-to-metal seal.
  • Optional integral anti-rotation.
  • Field proven in HPHT applications.
  • Clear visual indication of makeup.
  • Pre-loaded for fatigue
  • HPHT
  • Casing
  • Conductor where metal-to-metal sealing is required.
MMR Connector
  • No requirement for umbilical lines to surface.
  • Field proven.
  • Easy disconnect subsea.
  • Clear visual indication of makeup.
  • Ability to tie back to the well after abandonment.
  • Conductor remote release.
  • Tie back at a later date.
Specialty Connectors
  • All connections are engineered in house.
  • Ability to pressure, bend, tension and compression test in house.
  • Any application that requires fast makeup and no welding on site.
  • Specialist internal coatings, inconel, TSA, wear resistance, polymer etc.
Specialty Connectors
  • Critical welding for deepwater applications, multi-jointing of steel catenary risers, flowlines and land-based pipelines.
  • Welding of super duplex, nickel and other high-alloy materials, including control components, couplers, umbilicals and flying leads.
  • Fabrication of cryogenic testing systems for aerospace.
  • Coiled tube services – bending and welding.
  • Cladding services
  • Welding engineering and consulting.
  • Worldwide welding and full- scale production services.
  • Cladding
  • Inspection services.
  • Research and development.