Arab Desert can supply you with diamond PDC bits with matrix body or steel body, ballast bit, natural diamond bit, core bit, and special application diamond bit sized from 3-1/2" to 26".

We have a close supplier arrangement with Sichuan Chuanshi Diamond Bit Co. Ltd. for the drill bits we supply. CSB is a leading global manufacturer of PDC drill bits, specializing in R&D and the production of bots for oil fields, water wells, and mining facilities worldwide.

ProductRaw FeaturesBlade FeaturesGauge Features
  • Tough-Drill PDC bit
  • High-Speed PDC bit
  • Directional-Drill PDC bit
  • Core bit
  • Speciality bits
  • Tri-diameter PDC bit
  • Torsional Impact Generator
    • Normal Single Row
    • Double-Row
    • Triple-Row
    • Hybrid-Row
    • Normal Single Row
      • Asymmetric Blade
      • Vertical Blade
      • Spiral Blade
    • Thermally stable diamonds
    • Double Row PDC cutter